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Autozone is a leading independent Kingdom-wide automotive retailer and one-stop destination for new vehicles, and financing solutions. Backed by Balubaid Group, with over 60 years of automotive experience in sales, financing, parts, and service, Autozone is an innovative retail concept that serves a wide range of customers for their new vehicle purchase needs. Our showrooms display a wide variety of new vehicles from the most popular brands in the Kingdom including Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Mazda, Ford and others. All of our products are sourced from and backed by the official Saudi franchised distributors and come with full KSA warranty and total peace of mind.

For corporate fleet customers like you, Autozone is uniquely positioned to offer fleet solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We work with you to create right solution for your business, whether you are purchasing a single vehicle or financing a large fleet consisting of different vehicle types, brands and models. The products we can offer to you range from compact, fuel-efficient cars for delivery drivers to executive sedans for your top management, as well as pickups, commercial vans, SUVs, and heavy duty trucks. Because of our scale and expertise in vehicle procurement, we offer extremely competitive prices to our corporate customers. For you, this means getting the right fleet mix for your needs with a total cost of ownership that your business can afford.

Autozone’s customized solutions also include financing packages from leading banks (with whom we work closely day in and day out), as well as our affiliated company Saudi Finance House, a recognized national leader in corporate fleet and installment financing.

We offer fast, convenient services and would be delighted to serve you. Give us the opportunity to assess your fleet requirements, work with you to design the right fleet to suit your needs, and offer you fleet solutions that make excellent financial and operational sense. We guarantee that you’ll be happy working with Autozone for all of your vehicle fleet requirements!

Please so get in touch with us or let us know your requirements through the online form below.

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